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Do you need more clients? More sell ? More replies from clients ? More profits Learn how get clients with our system.

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Easy to use

Our system simple to use for users and the admin have pages for faq , notices and explain how users are work for each roles researchers , inquirers , auditors and ready for new updates

Money for work only

There 3 roles for Users for search on clients , send inquiries to clients . the data after added you must approved through auditors on this data

Security and Safe

Protecting your data is one of the most important features of the program so that each user's roles is independent and does not have permission to access the other user and his data

Start your new system to get new clients for your business

our system help you for hire new employees online to work search on clients and send inquiries to companies about your business and clients will reply on your email you was added for message template for users and finaly your auditors approved or dis approved about the data for researchers and inquiries


Do you want know more about our software ?

Please send your email here and we will contact you soon for explain more about our software .

How It Works

We will explain the system how is work with the users ( researchers - inquiries -auditors ) by simple way from register to payment .



First step the guest will register new user and select his job (Researcher - Inquirer - Auditor )


Verify Email

After User registered successfully he must verify this email to check he is real user not spam or fake .


Send Job Application

Then the user sending job application and the answer about the question " Please use one sentence to explain why you are suitable for this job "


Approval of request

After that the admin got new notification from new job application and will approved or not approved or delete him


Start Work

Now the user can now to start work if he is researcher will have fields to add companies or if is inquirer he have companies for send inquirer about the company


Data Pending

After data added from researchers and inquiries the data will be pending for approve or disapprove from admin or auditor


Data Approval

Then the time now to approve data or disapprove . if is approved he will have 1 new record approved and the company will pay for his approved data



The user will have statics for his work the approved , disapproved and pending . also will have how much the company paid for him and count of records paid



Finally the company will pay for his approved work and there chat between user and admin for messages and questions .